Premio White Ravens para “Los chimpancés miran a los ojos”

La Internationale Jugendbibliothek –o Biblioteca Internacional de la Juventud– de Munich presenta cada año los White Ravens: una lista de libros recomendados para niños y jóvenes elegidos entre lo publicado en cincuenta países, en treinta lenguas diferentes. En la lista de 2015, que acaba de anunciarse, Los chimpancés miran a los ojos está entre los tres libros argentinos elegidos. Los otros dos son La tortilla de papas, de Sandra Siemens y Cocorocó, de Didi Grau. Por aquí, estamos muy agradecidos.

Esto es lo que dice sobre la novela el texto de la lista White Ravens:

“Three years down the road, Ema describes a time when she carried oppressive memories of a traumatic experience on her shoulders and in her heart. Taciturn, listless, withdrawn and incapable of attending school, the fifteen-year-old takes part in a long-term therapy program at the Buenos Aires zoo. Resistant at first, the girl opens up gradually and tentatively like an oyster that slams shut at the slightest touch. She manages to get back to a somewhat “normal” life thanks to Nina the chimpanzee baby, in whom she recognizes herself and with whom she builds a close relationship. Despite the earnest topic, this book’s dry humour and delicate irony make it stand out. Skilfully capturing the essence of fears, feelings and moods, Andrea Ferrari draws a convincing psychological portrait of her protagonist. She wisely refrains from explaining and commenting too much, leaving empty spaces to be filled by the book’s readers themselves. (Age: 12+)”

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