White Ravens

Spain (Spanish) - 2006 - 141

Ferrari, Andrea
El hombre que quería recordar
(The man who wanted to remember)
Madrid: Ed. SM, 2005. 139 p.
(Gran angular; 254)
ISBN 84-675-0391-2
Crime Identity - Camouflage

Santiago, an intern at a newspaper in Buenos Aires, gets drawn into a dangerous criminal case becoming a pawn in an obscure and confusing game. A slightly »mad« man, who allegedly suffers from amnesia, asks him to assist with his attempt to regain his memory in order to reconstruct his former life. Unintentionally, the young man turns into an accomplice in a sophistically staged, risky game, in which changing identities play a central role. Not only Santiago and other protagonists, but readers as well are thrown off the track by cleverly prepared red herrings. The Argentinean author skilfully juggles the various possibilities offered by the genre of crime fiction, playing with the tradition of storytelling and blurring the line between reality and fiction. (12+)

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